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Ultima Displays unveils FASTFRAME™: A European market breakthrough

FASTFRAME™ is a new display solution product created by Ultima Displays, that offers seamless silicone edge graphics in seconds. The frame can be assembled in less than 30 seconds and is more versatile than a pop-up due to the multiple configuration options. The frame and graphics are extremely lightweight and more user-friendly than traditional event graphics that require storage boxes.

Launching a new project into the European market was an exhilarating endeavour that required careful planning and creative execution. Our team took on a multitude of responsibilities, starting with crafting a compelling brand identity that resonated with the diverse European audiences. We formulated innovative launch concepts, whilst maintaining a consistent design of each of our target markets. From there, we meticulously executed campaign deliverables, ensuring they were expertly translated and impactful.

Our marketing collateral, spanning from captivating promotional materials to informative brochures, played a pivotal role in establishing our project’s presence in the European market. This encompassed a wide array of elements, such as a dynamic multi-lingual website, engaging social media content, compelling animations and videos, detailed specification sheets, and digital assets to support the deployment of the campaign.

The journey was filled with challenges, but the outcome was a successful and memorable entry into this dynamic and diverse market. Moreover, we achieved all this under the constraints of a tight deadline, culminating in a remarkable launch event in Madrid that garnered significant press attention.

“m360 have been amazing. The team have helped to create and successfully launch a new brand for Ultima Displays. They kept a very complex project on track and delivered on time, dealing with additional demands of translations and formats along the way. We would highly recommend this agency and are already working with them on our next project.”

European Marketing Manager

Continuing our collaboration with Ultima Display to introduce further products on a global scale is an exciting prospect. Our past success in bringing their offerings to international markets has forged a strong partnership, and we are eager to build on this foundation. With a shared commitment to innovation and quality, we look forward to developing and executing new launch strategies that will resonate with diverse audiences worldwide. Together, we aim to expand Ultima Displays’ product presence and solidify their position as a leading display solution brand in the global marketplace, creating a promising future for our ongoing partnership.

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