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Alltech embraces the video podcast revolution

Since 2021, our client Alltech has been chasing digital trends in a bid to boost brand awareness and provide value to their audiences. Most notably with their educational audio podcast: Mycotoxin Matters. Their podcast explores the ever-increasing threat of mycotoxins on livestock, potential solutions, sustainable farming and the Alltech Mycotoxin Management vision for a Planet of Plenty. 

Over the past two years, the podcast has gained significant traction in the agriculture sector, amassing up an impressive 12.5k downloads and a 5 star rating across podcasting platforms – despite only publishing 33 episodes to date! There was only one way forward for the Mycotoxin Matters podcast to continue growing, and that was to enter the world of video.

When Alltech shared with us their vision for the podcast, we were instantly excited and began thinking about design possibilities. The creation of the original Mycotoxin Matters brand identity laid down a strong groundwork, forming the basis for further development in other digital mediums.

Our talented designers took inspiration from the large number of video podcasts readily accessible online, with a particular focus on industry-leading podcasts like The Diary of a CEO hosted by Steven Bartlett. Although, what set us apart in this landscape was the choice to host the recording environment over Microsoft Teams. Recognising the rapid evolution of digital and behavioural trends, we prioritised creating a framework that would attract new audiences while retaining the engagement of existing ones.

To tackle these challenges, we crafted a visually compelling yet informative thumbnail graphic, incorporating essential elements such as a photo of the guest(s) and a captivating podcast headline. As well as this, subtle animations in the background of framed speakers were introduced to sustain user engagement throughout the video. All design choices were aligned with the Alltech and Mycotoxin Matters brand identities, fostering a cohesive brand image that enhances authenticity and recognition.

With the first visual episode having just recently launched, the success story is still unfolding. m360 received highly positive feedback from the client, making us confident that our creation will be valued not only by the client but with their audiences as well. We’re looking forward to seeing how their YouTube account grows and to working on our monthly video podcast edits!

If you’re looking to take your podcast into the digital realm, then get in touch with us today to explore how we can help you.

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