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Zero Net – Branding for the future

m360 had the pleasure of collaborating with Zero Net Recruitment, an inspiring startup that matches high-quality senior professionals to roles within the green energy sector.  With jobs spanning climate finance, carbon accounting, renewable energy solutions and more, Zero Net Recruitment upholds principles that align with m360’s own values.

Our agency was approached by Zero Net Recruitment with an exciting opportunity to rebrand their company and create a honed brand strategy. They expressed concerns that their current identity did not befit their ambition to become the leading green energy recruitment company in the UK. Therefore, the main project deliverable was to revamp their logo, splicing visual clarity with an approachable and modern feel. 

Before diving into the design process, it was crucial for m360 to gain a deep understanding of Zero Net Recruitment’s values and personality. Our research revealed a compelling tone of voice and well-defined brand positioning, which served as the foundation for establishing a robust brand presence.

During the design stage, we fostered a collaborative approach with the client. We presented them with three initial logo concepts, which we further developed based on their feedback. The resulting concept features a clean, sleek, and minimalist font that evokes trust and exudes a sense of calm authority for Zero Net Recruitment. The strategic placement of whole and partially obscured ‘O’s in the logo serves a dual purpose – symbolising a numerical countdown that permanently stays on zero, while also representing a person as a reminder that people are at the heart of the business

After completing the logo development phase, it was time for the exciting task of putting the brand into application. Recognising the significance of a strong presence on LinkedIn as a central hub for recruitment, we prioritised creating a social media toolkit that encompassed master templates for both LinkedIn and Instagram. Additionally, we provided Zero Net Recruitment with a professional email signature and an impressive CV template, contributing to a cohesive brand experience across different touchpoints. 

The overall result of this collaboration is a forward-thinking, trustworthy, and intelligent brand that exudes confidence. Zero Net Recruitment now stands out among competitors, propelling them forward within the industry. The client was very pleased with the outcome of this project:

“Having met with various marketing / brand agencies, I decided to partner with m360!  They didn’t disappoint! I highly recommend Arthur and Tilly, both having a great blend of professionalism but friendly at the same time, both going the extra mile. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the project. Great job guys!” –  Director, Zero Net Recruitment

If your brand is in need of transformation, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Together, we can create a brand that reflects your vision and drives your success.

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