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Station dressings success

Throughout the past few months, we have once again strengthened our 20+ year partnership with East Midlands Railway (EMR) by executing another large-scale station dressing project. The multi-message campaign falls in conjunction with the 2023 marketing strategy and is featured at 12 railway stations across the midlands network.

With multiple messages to communicate – the campaign featured over 100 sites with 7 creative variants that outline the key marketing drivers for EMR – promoting family travel, advance booking incentives, destination spotlights, first class upgrades & EMRs commitment to a greener future.

As part of our project management services we strategically scoped out sites based on footfall and dwell time analysis. These critical surveys allowed us to give careful consideration and make informed decisions to ensure proposed graphics had maximum visibility and impact across the customer user journey.

To support the brand communications across TV & Radio we were also tasked to install an engaging art gallery display for awareness of EMRs award winning brand character: Miles.

Through a seamless collaboration with EMR’s Marketing, Design, and Station Teams, the entire campaign was meticulously planned, produced, and installed, ensuring our deadlines were met. The dedicated m360 team worked through the night, guaranteeing an uninterrupted experience for passengers. 

As a result, the campaign has achieved resounding success, leaving our clients delighted with its impact across the extensive station network.

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