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Level up with Showcase Epic Summer

Make your summer EPIC with Showcase Cinemas! 

We regularly provide Showcase Cinemas with social media content and were delighted to be involved in their upcoming summer campaign. The Showcase Epic Summer campaign is especially for Insider members and is live between 21 May and 12 August 2022. The aim of the campaign is to attract new Insider members to the extremely successful loyalty scheme. Whilst also encouraging repeat visits from existing members, with an incredible summer rewards offer. 

To reap rewards, cinemagoers must hit at least one of three targets within the promotional window. To smash the lowest target visitors need to watch three films at Showcase, which will earn one free cinema ticket. If visitors watch one more film, they will receive free popcorn plus £2.50 of Insider rewards, on top of the banked free ticket. Watch one more film within the timeframe and visitors will get another free cinema ticket and another £2.50 worth of Insider rewards, on top of the banked cinema ticket, popcorn, and £2.50 reward. Whew, what a summer!

Showcase Epic Summer is being promoted through posters we’ve designed for cinema spillways and a persuasive big-screen animation that clearly explains the challenge to all interested customers. m360 took charge of the animation from storyboarding through to creation, including a voiceover script just perfect for a certain Northern celebrity… Keith Lemon. 

With a retro 80’s gaming aesthetic building seasonal excitement and encouraging viewers to level up the animation neatly sums up the summer campaign. As well as Insider benefits visitors can receive when joining Insider for free including 10% rewards, discounted tickets, and advanced screenings. 

Showcase is extremely happy with the on-and off-screen creative we’ve delivered. You can enjoy it right now at your local Showcase, and start getting ready for a Showcase Epic Summer today!

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