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Rapid results required

Mycotoxins are natural substances produced by moulds in animal feeds, which if left to multiply can severely affect animal health. If mycotoxins are detected early, there is a chance to mitigate the threat and protect animals.

We have worked enthusiastically with Alltech for several years, and part of this role is to help promote RAPIREAD™ to large-scale farmers, feed producers and animal nutritionists across the globe. Alltech’s remarkable RAPIREAD™ system uses technology to test for and report on the presence of mycotoxins in feed – on location, and within minutes.

Their latest campaign required a bold message that would work in restrictive digital advertising formats, as well as in print. The message had to be short, unambiguous and motivational, with a concept that would translate to global audiences.

Our creative approach presents the problem and solution with compelling simplicity; mycotoxins are hard to spot and have complex consequences. RAPIREAD™ identifies the problem quickly and clearly, putting the power in the hands of the user. Alltech are delighted with our fresh approach, and we have rolled out the campaign across digital, social and printed media.

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