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Railway upgrades in Ambergate

Having worked with East Midlands Trains for over 12 years we know that station works and closures have to be handled quickly, professionally and with a degree of sensitivity, especially given the effect it can have on commuters just trying to go about their day. It can produce any number of challenges, so it’s particularly satisfying to look back at a job well done, as with the recent Ambergate Junction relocation works.

From awareness of the disruption, to customer wayfinding for the alternative services and, finally, removal so that the station can return to normal once works are complete, it’s the kind of project that requires meticulous planning if everything is to go smoothly.

Thankfully that’s the kind of service we offer at m360, and it helps when your client is on the same page too! Hopefully the brief disruption will be worth it for all those passengers enjoying a shorter commute.

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