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Presenting McCann at their very best

Unhappy with their current corporate presentation, infrastructure experts McCann asked us to create a modern, attractive, and user-friendly PowerPoint presentation template. Screen presentations are a key communication tool for McCann’s meetings, but without an existing master template, they were experiencing recurring issues with consistency and quality control.

After engaging with our client to identify areas for improvement, our studio team designed a comprehensive set of template slides with a multitude of potential uses. As part of the presentation toolkit, we also designed 28 bespoke icons that users can employ, to create a professional presentation without the hassle.

To meet the brief and ensure the McCann corporate presentation was easy to use, we produced written guidance to inform the structure of the presentation, ensuring every version that derives from the template flows coherently. We also created dynamic navigation tools that allow the presenter to change course if necessary, during the process of presenting. Finally, we provided an instruction manual with an at-a-glance glossary of all assets, to fully inform users going forward.

Once the project was complete, we collaborated with McCann to stress test the presentation template and remedy any concerns that arose.

The feedback from McCann’s leadership team has been very positive. With staff members now able to design their own professional McCann-branded presentations, the business is able to maintain consistent communications while saving time and money.

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