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A new Kung Fu Panda film always creates a buzz, and m360 has captured that energy in a punchy campaign for Showcase Cinemas and NEST Management. NEST is the big name behind Martial Arts club management in the UK and Europe, with a popular initiative called Get Into Martial Arts. Tying in with Kung Fu Panda 4 was a no-brainer for NEST, and where better to make a big noise than Showcase Cinemas?

Led by NEST, selected Martial Arts clubs hosted a FREE 30-minute taster session for moviegoers at Showcase Cinema locations. The objective of the campaign was to add value to the cinema experience, inspire children to try Martial Arts in a safe and fun environment, and create memories. This not only drove foot traffic to Showcase, but also boost online engagement, increased ticket sales and gained positive national PR coverage.

Through this promotion, NEST Management aimed to drive traffic to their Get Into Martial Arts website where individuals can book lessons for various clubs and styles. This campaign provided an irresistible opportunity to reach an audience who may never have tried Martial Arts before, allowing NEST to raise awareness of the many benefits of Martial Arts; self-confidence, fitness, discipline, and self-defence.

While working to NEST’s and Showcase’s brand guidelines, this campaign also gave us the exciting chance to work with Universal Pictures, gaining access to their eye-catching film artwork and promotional materials.

For NEST Management, B2B mailers were designed and sent to the national network of clubs, accompanied by social media assets to increase the Martial Arts  campaign awareness and encourage involvement. Once clubs were selected, our final B2C collateral included website assets, social media content, and targeted Facebook ads aimed at users around participating cinemas. The Facebook ads reached 19k Facebook users within 5 days. 

Similar collateral was created for Showcase Cinemas, tailored to match their brand style and colour palette. The main vehicle for the campaign was a postcard that provided a certificate for children participating in the free sessions, while directing parents to the Get Into Martial Arts website. The postcard also needed to feature varying ticket options for different Showcase Cinema locations. 

Going live across 10 Showcase locations nationwide, the Martial Arts campaign ignited a new passion for the activity for hundreds of participants. This has not only brought new long-term customers to NEST but also created unforgettable moments for both the children and the clubs involved. M360’s involvement was a resounding success, amplifying leads and brand recognition for everyone – Showcase, NEST Management, Get Into Martial Arts, and independent Martial Arts clubs.

From concept to execution, our dedicated client services team orchestrated every detail, ensuring a seamless and impactful rollout. In London, one club owner exclaimed, “We gained so lots and lots of solid leads. The kids had a blast demonstrating. It was great PR for our business – even better than expected! We would definitely do it again!”

The post-campaign buzz was electrifying, with families and clubs expressing high praise and genuine excitement about their participation, relishing every moment of the experience.

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