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Photographing Nottingham’s finest canines

Meet Ralph, Pluto, and Garth! At m360 we love a photoshoot, and with three very well behaved dogs as our models, we knew we were going to have an amazing day.

The primary goal of our photoshoot ways to show off the all new DOGGI dog toys – a practical but fun toy for all breeds. The high quality photos will help Kennelpak engage and  impress customers during their in-store and online shopping experiences. 

To meet our client’s vision, we lined up the expertise of our talented agency photographer, Guy Bettison, and located a suitably picturesque outdoor setting in Nottingham. Despite unfavourable weather and elusive sunshine, our skilled photographer and his expert post-shoot editing ensured pleasing results. 

This project demanded smooth end-to-end project management throughout, starting from researching the ideal location, to presenting the proposed dog models to the client. We conducted a site survey beforehand, with a shot-list and pre-production schedule put in place to streamline the process.

On the day of the shoot, the Kennelpak team joined m360’s Project Manager and photographer to assist with art direction and capture engaging social media content. The dogs’ enthusiasm for the toys made the shoot enjoyable and effortless.

After the shoot, a contact sheet was created to allow for easy selection of the best shots, and the final images were beautifully edited by Guy. Kennelpak was extremely satisfied with the results, and the images are set to appear in Pets and Friends stores across the UK.

If you need high-quality photography and end-to-end project management, m360 is the agency to approach. Get in touch to discuss how we can help with your future projects.

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