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Kick-ass campaigns for NEST Management

NEST Management plays a vital role in the Martial Arts industry, uniting over 1,000 instructors and clubs. Offering a comprehensive array of services including; management systems, marketing tools, and expert business guidance, NEST serves as a central hub for all customers. By empowering clubs and offering the resources to thrive, NEST encourages growth for Martial Arts clubs nationwide. 

Like a lot of us, the NEST marketing team found themselves trapped in the daily operational admin rather than creating campaigns to increase brand awareness and inform users of the benefits of NEST. After initial discussions, NEST felt m360 was best placed to assist in creating visually engaging and impactful social media assets for their users. 

With four key annual marketing campaigns, it became clear that the artwork for the first two campaigns – Summer and Back-to-School – required bespoke artwork that was easily editable. Allowing each club to tailor the artwork to their specific style of Martial Arts. Rooted in the creative are the core values of Martial Arts – confidence, discipline, respect – along with NEST’s approachable nature. The result was an array of marketing collateral including a choice of ad copy that NEST customers can utilise within their Martial Arts clubs and gyms nationwide. This allows NEST customers to take advantage of the social media toolkit and personalise their ad copy so that it best suits their club, along with the ability to speak confidently to their own customers. 

The assets designed and written by m360 and uploaded to the NEST social media toolkit, empower Martial Arts clubs to share captivating content on their social media platforms inviting new students and nurturing their clubs. 

NEST was overjoyed with the Summer and Back-to-School campaign creative which was presented at the annual NEST Client Conference 2023. Those in attendance were incredibly impressed by the new creative direction and are excited to feature the social media assets on their club social media accounts.  

m360 is now seen as an extension of the NEST marketing team, featuring in strategy sessions and providing insights in planning meetings. We are looking forward to working with the NEST Management marketing team in the future and implementing exciting projects. 

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