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A fresh approach to content strategy

Working closely with our long term client, Showcase Cinemas, we devised a refreshed content marketing strategy. As audiences and trends evolve over time, social media strategies must adapt to ensure engagement is maintained. Our ongoing commitment to optimising our clients social media accounts, meant we were able to react to the new ways in which users consume content.

Through an analytical lens, we achieved this by introducing new content pillars to the Showcase Cinemas’ Instagram & Facebook platforms. Most notably, a content pillar that provides our audience with valuable Movie Details as a way of soft-selling upcoming films at Showcase. This tactic strategically positions Showcase as the film fanatics, helping them stand out within a highly competitive landscape.

Thinking of the end user, we took advantage of Instagram’s carousel posting format which allows up to 10 images to be displayed at once, with the 1st image being totally scroll-stopping. The design has been meticulously considered, taking users on a journey through seamless assets that tell a story. Each title page follows the same template style and is designed to create a point of interest for our users.

With engagement rates creeping up, it can only suggest that this new approach has been an algorithm busting success! As with the introduction of any new marketing strategy, be it email, performance or digital marketing, a period of testing is essential to gauge its effectiveness and make informed refinements. 

We’re excited to see where this refined strategy takes the Showcase Cinemas social media platforms. Keep an eye out for more Movie Detail carousels and get in touch with us today if you are interested in refreshing your social media strategy!

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