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How to choose the best digital agency for you

Working with a digital agency is a great way to level up your business’s online presence, but knowing how to choose one can seem like a challenge.

So, we’ve put together a brief guide of things to consider before choosing a digital agency.

1) Know your business objectives
What are the long-term goals for your business? Do you want to increase your profit margins, become a market leader, attract a wider customer base? Keeping clear objectives in mind throughout the process can help you figure out what you need from your agency partner, which in turn will help you choose the right digital agency for you.

2) Identify your digital marketing needs
With your business objectives considered, you can start to think about which digital services you require. Digital agency services include (but are not limited to) branding, web design, content marketing, SEO and paid advertising. Consider which of these you would like to take advantage of, so that you can go into the process with an idea of what you need from your agency and ask the right questions. If you aren’t sure, your agency will be able to advise on the level of activity they would recommend relative to your objectives.

3) Decide whether you want to work with a specialised or comprehensive digital agency
A specialised agency is one that tends to work solely in one or a small selection of digital marketing areas, which can be helpful for businesses who have a particular need for one service, such as PPC, or don’t mind managing a larger roster of specialist agencies.

A full-service agency – like m360 – offers a number of services and has a variety of employees who specialise in different areas of brand and marketing.

4) Find an agency whose values align with yours
When you’re entrusting another company with the online presence of your business, company culture matters. It’s important to gel with the agency you’re working with and feel comfortable contacting them with any questions or requests you may have. If you have a great relationship with your agency, we believe it will lead to better results for your business.

5) Take a look at their website
A good way of gauging what a digital agency could do for you is to have a good look at their own website. This is their main chance to show what they can do, so it’s likely that their website is going to be an example of their best work.

As well as considering their overall digital and design skills, pay close attention to the variety of services they offer. You may only want to focus on a few different things now, but it’s important to have a forward-thinking mindset. Consider what you may want to do in the future and whether your digital agency can support you as your business grows.

6) Check out case studies of their current clients
Finding out what kind of companies an agency has worked with in the past, and whether these companies relate to you, can help you judge whether your business would be a good fit.

You can in turn take a look at those companies’ websites to see what the agency has done for them. Do you like their branding? Is their website modern and easy to navigate? Find out what you like about an agency’s previous work and it will help inform your own choices.

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