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Growing ambition for OMEX

Having admired our industry presence for many years, British fertiliser brand OMEX reached out to m360 for an exciting product awareness campaign.

There has always been high demand for crop fertilisers in the UK, but due to industry activity in recent years, OMEX spotted a timely opportunity to increase their market share and promote their liquid fertilisers as a superior alternative to traditional granular formulations.

OMEX’s awareness of our historical success with, and understanding of, agricultural markets meant they had confidence in our ability to assist them before we even started. Our partnership commenced with a meeting at OMEX’s headquarters in Lincolnshire, where we met the team, gathered information on their brand, products and goals, and clarified their specific requirements for marketing. 

Their ambition was to create an eyecatching campaign that would position OMEX as the market leader in British fertilisers – not just with their superior products, but their unmatched customer support, and infrastructure to meet vast and rapid demand. The campaign would convey consistent messaging across press, digital and exhibition media, to ensure optimal reach.

Armed with this information, our creative team set about designing four different creative routes for the campaign for the OMEX team to review and approve. They found it really difficult to pick a favourite because they loved them all!

OMEX ultimately went with our Grow with the Flow creative, the slogan being a pun that both communicates the nature of their products, and implies that farmers can relax once they’ve applied them to their crops.

We developed a droplet graphic device to contain the slogan and provide a visual shorthand to the campaign. Artwork was created for a variety of different assets; mailers, social media posts, social media headers, digital banners, web assets, print adverts for the agriculture magazine Farmers Weekly.

OMEX was so delighted with our results that they asked us to design their exhibition stand for Cereals 2023 – an annual, national event for farmers, agronomists and other industry professionals. Our work involved not only creating the stand graphics, but a series of promotional signs to be displayed in various other locations around the site. 

OMEX was extremely pleased with the work and the service delivered by our client services and creative teams. We look forward to helping OMEX reach new heights with their much-admired brand, and currently have some more exciting projects in the works.

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