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Collards keep tails wagging!

Having worked with the pet food industry for over three decades, we’ve had the privilege to see successful brands evolve through the years and continue to find great success, meeting Britain’s love of pets with innovative, fun, and quality products. Our longstanding client Kennelpak initially approached us in 2009 to refresh the branding and packaging for their well-loved brand Collards. The brand has grown impressively through the years, and continues to keep tails wagging!

Part of the Kennelpak family, Collards offers delicious and nutritious wet trays, cans, and dry food for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Packed full of quality ingredients, Collards is specifically formulated to be easily digestible and kind to our furry friends’ tummies. With a choice of flavours and carefully balanced formulations for puppies, adults, and older dogs, owners are sure to find a favourite for their pet.  

To meet modern demands and the growing grain-free market, they developed a grain-free offering and recently introduced Chicken & Potato grain-free wet trays, cans, dry food, and multipacks for a puppy, adult, and senior dogs. Knowing the Collards brand so well, it was no surprise that Kennelpak asked us to design the packaging for these new products.

We consider ourselves brand guardians for Collards,  and we always keep in mind the brand’s equity and heritage while designing new packaging and marketing. Collards were originally formulated for working dogs, and this is hinted at in the serene outdoor scenery that adorns the packaging. Flavours and stages use different themes and colours as a visual shorthand. The new Chicken & Potato grain-free collection is again unique, and easily identifiable at a glance.

We hope you’ve enjoyed revisiting Collards products and packaging as much as we have. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Collards and are so happy to be part of their brand story. Keep an eye out for new Collards flavours coming soon! 

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