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Big dreams for EMR’s Autumn campaign

In a bid to seamlessly connect their Autumn TV campaign with on-ground station activities, our client East Midlands Railway (EMR) embarked on a strategic installation to encourage commuter travel.

Acknowledging that one of their largest customer groups are commuters, they seized an opportunity to target them directly. Prompted by the evolving patterns in our daily lives post-COVID-19, the campaign sought to highlight the importance of reconnecting with the audience and reminding them of the many benefits associated with train journeys. The campaign aimed to position the train journey as a source of inspiration and positivity, contributing to personal and professional growth.

To effectively convey this message, we employed a series of inspirational quotes strategically placed across key EMR stations: East Midlands Parkway, Derby, Sheffield, and Nottingham. These locations were carefully selected for their high footfall, ensuring maximum visibility to evoke emotions amongst commuters and other indirectly impacted customers.

EMR’s approach weaved a cohesive brand message across various channels. The omnichannel strategy ensured that the campaign’s messaging was not confined to station installations alone but extended to television, radio, social media, and other digital platforms. This integrated approach strengthened the brand’s presence and maximised the impact of the campaign, reaching commuters at different touch points throughout their day.

By bridging the gap between the TV campaign and station activities, East Midlands Railway successfully created a marketing synergy that resonated with commuters. The campaign’s ability to inspire and connect with individuals on the move reflects a forward-thinking approach, positioning EMR as more than just a transportation service but a catalyst for positive experiences and personal growth.

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