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20,000th job’s a good ‘un

When is an A4 ring binder a cause for celebration? When it marks a studio’s 20,000th design job. We can’t quite believe it ourselves; TWENTY THOUSAND JOBS! It feels like the millennium but with less WKD Blue.

Today’s creative world is a very different place to when m360 launched in 1991. Nobody dares dig job no.1 out of the attic because of the m360 ghost, but we can pretty much guarantee it didn’t involve hashtags.

Graphic design these days is slicker and smarter. It’s easier because of clever software and the incredible source of inspiration that is internet. It’s harder because the world has ramped up its pace and expectations, and there’s a crowd of millions ready to call out iffy ideas and unoriginality.

So we learn, we adapt, we grab the zeitgeist and twist it. What will job #30,000 look like? We can’t wait to find out.

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