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Bristol Avonmeads – classic or de lux?

m360 proudly announces the successful delivery of another local campaign for our longstanding client Showcase Cinema. The campaign focus was all about the new seating offering and unbeatable price options at the De Lux venue in Bristol Avonmeads. m360 implemented a strategic approach to ensure all creative communication had clarity and resonated with the Bristolian audience.

The project encompassed campaign concepts, design, and artwork for an out-of-home (OOH) initiative that aimed to captivate audiences and highlight the distinct seating options available at the cinema – Classic or De Lux.

What set this project apart was m360’s creative approach in repurposing assets from a previous photoshoot and seamlessly integrating them with the cinema’s neon aesthetic that is present in the foyer interior design at their Bristol Avonmeads venue. 

We delivered a range of impactful deliverables, including a quad, one-sheet, internal posters, and a set of compelling website and paid social media visuals. To further prompt the Classic and De Lux seating available at the Bristol Avonmeads location, our team reworked the artwork for external window displays that will be used to create awareness for passers-by and visitors.  

The result was a visually compelling campaign that not only grabbed the attention of visitors but was consistent with the overall Showcase brand style. The Showcase team was so impressed with the creative that we were tasked with redesigning the artwork for external window displays, aiming to highlight the Classic and De Lux seating options at the Bristol Avonmeads location.

This project marks another successful collaboration for m360 and Showcase, further solidifying our reputation as an experienced creative agency in the entertainment industry.  We look forward to working with Showcase on future campaigns throughout 2024 and continuing our 15+ year relationship.

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