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NBA Last60

World champions

American sports betting is an expanding market that’s set to grow by $10 billion a year, and 45% of all global bets were placed on mobile devices by the end of 2020. Highlight Games has enjoyed increasing success in these arenas, and is now the world’s leading creator of video virtual sports games for bookmakers and casinos.

To support the launch of their new NBA Last 60 game, Highlight Games approached us to help develop a striking brand identity and marketing materials to drive global awareness, trial, and repeat play on desktop and mobile.

  • Brand identity
  • Print design
  • Digital
  • Promotions
  • Social media


conversion rate from all channels


largest USA bookmakers running the game


individual registered accounts receiving brand exposure


new countries to launch game – Italy, China & Turkey

A sense of belonging

American basketball has an iconic visual style that’s apparent in the insignia of many top-flight teams. Our NBA Last 60 branding adopts these characteristics to create instant familiarity and a sense of belonging.

The design combines a stopwatch, basketball and hoop to capture the NBA Last 60 game experience in one symbol. In addition, the official NBA logo is incorporated to indicate the use of NBA video footage. The logo was subject to an approval process by the NBA marketing team before going live.

Depiction of what goes into making the logo. I.e. a stopwatch, NBA logo and a basketball equals the NBA Last 60 logo.

Real stars, real footage, real action

NBA Last 60 lets worldwide basketball fans bet on match-ups between their favourite teams, utilising archive footage from real games.

Working with Highlight Games and the NBA, we tap into the excitement experienced by true sports fans. We have maximised marketing reach by developing research-led customer personas, and tailoring adverts accordingly.

Because gambling isn't without risks, we are careful to uphold the ethical responsibilities of the industry in all customer engagement.

A brand with real energy

Beyond the logo, the NBA Last 60 visual style embodies speed and dynamism with energetic shots of basketball players intertwined with graphic elements of the logo.

This approach embraces the 'real' element of the game experience and conveys the brand with flexibility for print, digital and animated scenarios.

The result is a dynamic and enticing visual style that grabs attention in a noisy marketplace.

Hand holding basketball

Working with m360 has been a real pleasure. They take time to understand requirements and have developed creative that really hits the mark, bringing our brands to life in a way that resonates with our audience. Through their hard work and creative talent, m360 are now our trusted go-to partners.

Global Head of Brand, Highlight Games

Taking it to the net

Highlight Games required a comprehensive suite of marketing materials with which to launch NBA Last 60. We were excited to create online and offline marketing deliverables designed to attract players across a variety of channels – including PPC advertising, social media and casino-exclusive comms.