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Leading the fight

Mycotoxin feed contamination is a big concern for livestock farmers, threatening even the best-run operations. Leading biotech firm Alltech help farmers combat this threat with a suite of innovative solutions under their Mycotoxin Management Program.

We were asked to devise a creative campaign toolkit which would accommodate educational and sales messages for Alltech’s global services.

  • Brand identity
  • Brand strategy
  • Print design
  • Digital
  • Events

Becoming iconic

A core part of our creative solution sees small icons forming bigger pictures to represent key topics. The result is attractive and precise, with the flexibility to work in all brand colours, with or without agricultural photography.

Time and again

The icons creative has been applied to several advertising campaigns and exhibition stands.

We’ve also produced an array of internal and external printed literature, test kit packaging, and a visual refresh for Alltech’s dedicated mycotoxins website.

Alltech design examples
Alltech test kit
Alltech test kit

m360 have worked with us for a number of years now and we can always trust them to deliver. Much of our marketing has complex or multiple messages, and m360 are able to convey these with clarity; balancing attractive visuals with clear messaging and an appropriate sense of urgency.

Head of Global Marketing, Alltech

Tagging on

Some campaigns require a standalone creative approach, with the aim to ignite interest around a specific solution or message.

In such cases we will omit the icons, should they become superfluous to the lead imagery.

For this campaign we promoted Alltech’s Mycosorb A+ product to dairy, pig and poultry farmers. Press ads combine distinct photography with utilitarian plastic tags bearing the lead message. The concept plays on commonplace livestock tags to present Alltech’s message with simplicity and confidence.

Alltech design examples
Alltech design examples