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Launching a new product during a global lockdown is no small feat. Last month m360 and our clients Highlight Games, creators of unique, innovative sports games made using exclusive real video footage for the gaming industry, launched an exclusive basketball game – NBA Last 60!

The innovative ‘live’ sports game was launched in the US and m360 was asked to help develop a stand-out brand identity and supporting promotional marketing materials that could be deployed globally to help drive awareness, gameplay trials and repeat play both online and on mobile devices.

We delivered a comprehensive online and offline marketing tool kit designed to attract players across a variety of channels including PPC advertising, social media and casino-exclusive comms. We’ve made a winning start!

In creating a brand with real energy we were able to achieve a 50% conversation rate across all channels, 1.7m individual registered accounts receiving brand exposure and are now supporting the launches in Italy, China & Turkey.

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