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Podcast marketing with Alltech

Alltech is leading the way in the agricultural sector with a forward-thinking content marketing strategy. For over a year now, they have been utilising the power of podcast marketing with their highly informative Mycotoxin Matters podcast. As of this month, they have notched up nearly 6000 downloads, and are continually broadening their audience impact. With Alltech sitting within a niche topic area, it lends to the argument that all brands should use podcasting as part of their content marketing strategy. Today we are going to touch more on why this is.

Firstly, some background on our client’s podcast: Mycotoxin Matters entails the ever-increasing threat mycotoxins have to livestock production throughout the world. Mycotoxins are toxins that are produced by certain types of mould, and can have a devastating effect on livestock health when present in animal feed. The podcast seeks to investigate these issues, discussing their impacts, potential solutions, sustainable farming and the Alltech Mycotoxin Management vision for a Planet of Plenty. 

Through a simple structure of hosting conversations with industry experts, you can land yourself quick and easy content marketing at little cost. Successful podcasts often utilise the advantage of guest speakers due to the audience sharing capabilities. We advised Alltech to explore this as we knew it would help them maximise listener appeal, attracting the target audience of scientists, researchers, analysts and potentially more.

The fundamentals to an effective podcast is a clear strategy and strong post-production. For Alltech we put our industry knowledge to use to provide exactly this. Our studio services team designed a bespoke intro and outro allowing them to grab listeners attention. We believe this contributes to a more authentic way of marketing with an ultimate audience-first tactic. With research showing that podcasts capture listeners in a high attention-level environment leading to stronger recall, it’s a no-brainer to introduce them to your content marketing strategy! 

Whilst there may be measurement challenges due to lack of analytics from podcast platforms, insights are still obtainable by monitoring downloads, listens and distribution channels. The shareability of podcasts allows for brands to diversify their content marketing across more channels, rather than isolating the content. Audio can easily be repurposed into blog articles or integrated into a social media strategy through infographics, quotations and more. So not only is podcasting more personable but it can maximise marketing material, making life even easier! 

There are many reasons to introduce podcasting into your content marketing plan, with an overarching benefit of increasing brand awareness. Every month we look forward to supporting Alltech with their latest podcast episodes and are excited to see the long term impacts podcasting will have on the business. Get in touch today if you’d like to know more about how we could help you launch a fabulous podcast!

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