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Out with ZnO, in with Alltech

British farming is facing a ban on Zinc Oxide (ZnO) entering the food chain through animal feed. With ZnO being used to maintain gut health, this leaves farmers with an urgent dilemma. In anticipation of the ban, we’ve been working with Alltech to create a timely 6-month campaign that promotes their unique Seed, Feed, Weed program as a viable alternative.

Science has shown that 90% of livestock diseases can be traced back to gut health during infancy, making this key to successful rearing. Due to the upcoming ZnO ban, livestock producers are legally required to keep their animals healthy through alternative means.

Alltech’s 6-month digital campaign demonstrates to livestock producers how the Alltech Seed, Feed, Weed program can better manage animal gut health through feed. The strategy involves seeding the gut with favorable organisms, feeding a favourable gut environment and weeding – eliminating – unfavourable organisms. Timing is crucial, and the entire process is informed and supported by Alltech.

m360’s first priority was to devise creative concepts that would communicate this complex topic with the clarity and immediacy demanded by online advertising. Once our ideas were approved, we created impactful digital assets that were optimised for individual digital channels. The assets featured animated GIFs with a clear call to action, encouraging users to click through to the site and learn more about Alltech and the ZnO ban. The ads were strategically placed to reach livestock producers, and have appeared in the Google Display Network, porcine and general farming publications, and across various social channels.

Alltech are very pleased with how our campaign clearly conveys the ZnO ban and their unique solution with attractive creative and a sense of urgency. We look forward to working with Alltech again on their next project!

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