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New year, new site for Taste of the Wild

In a rapidly evolving online landscape, a powerful and up-to-date website is the key to a successful brand presence. Our recent collaboration with Kennelpak transformed the outdated Taste of the Wild (TOTW) website into a sleek, user-friendly platform that resonates with the UK market. 

Our journey with TOTW began through Kennelpak, a client we have been working with for over 14 years, that has been distributing TOTW products in the UK. Recognising the need for a fresh digital approach, both Kennelpak and TOTW decided it was time to refresh the website to increase brand awareness in the UK. 

With a tight deadline of launching the site before the New Year, we began by reviewing the US and UK markets.  It was important to understand what resonates with each market to not only design a website that met the needs of the UK audience but had synergy with the brand’s global identity. It was decided that the UK marketing would respond better to photography as opposed to heavy illustrations that are present on the US site.  

Our studio team considered the user experience, especially when presenting the extensive range of cat and dog products. Communicating the specific offerings, product types, and benefits for pets required a thoughtful approach to ensure a seamless and informative user journey.  It was also imperative to highlight this heritage on the website given that the majority of TOTW products are manufactured in the US. 

With most people viewing websites on mobile devices, considerable mobile optimisation testing was undertaken on mobile devices to ensure the website’s responsiveness and visual appeal on smaller screens.

The successful launch of the TOTW website was not just a reflection of m360’s creativity and technical expertise but also a demonstration of our commitment to meeting deadlines and budgets. The Kennelpak team were thrilled with the end result and also found the onboarding session extremely valuable when maintaining and updating the site as needed.

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