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Maintaining high standards

Clymac has over 25 years experience in offering fully integrated fire and security systems. Their industry-leading products and systems combined with highly skilled people means they can provide a competitive, well engineered service that supports the day-to-day needs of any business.

When the team asked us if we could handle the design and build of their site to bring it in-line with the advanced technology they offer, we jumped at the opportunity. One of the key aspects of the brief was to focus more on maintenance, something which their existing site lacked. With this in mind we presented a split menu structure that had both fire solutions and maintenance at the forefront.

During the design it became apparent that Clymac’s existing photography looked dated, so m360 set up and art directed an on-site photoshoot that had great results. The images now have a friendly, employee led focus whilst still showcasing the various products and systems that they offer to their clients.

Fast forward to today and Clymac now have a modern, informative site that lives up to their experience, and shows both existing and potential new customers what they offer. From the products and systems they install to the on-going maintenance, repair and support.

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