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Flourish with the Kennedy Financial Group

This month we took a trip across the pond to work with our Michigan-based clients Kennedy Financial Group (KFG). As wealth advisors, the team at KFG is passionate about helping their clients make the most of their money. We have previously worked with them to establish their brand style, develop a suite of playful origami illustrations, create an informative website with useful financial tools, and strengthen the brand’s online and offline presence. 

Currently, KFG is seeking to expand their client list by offering free ‘Sounding Board Sessions’ to the friends and family of existing clients. These are an opportunity to get unbiased financial advice without obligation. Prospects they are keen to target include young accumulators, pre-retirees, and small business owners.  KFG asked us to create enticing, persuasive marketing that would speak to these demographics, explain the KFG proposition, and inspire proactive referrals and self-referrals.

Using KFG’s trademark friendly and conversational tone of voice, we created two dedicated landing pages for their website – one to initiate referrals from existing clients, and one for new prospects to self refer. The page for existing clients was accessible via a bespoke URL, provided to clients by means of an attractive postcard. 

Once prospects have been referred or expressed an interest, they are contacted by KFG to book in their free Sounding Board Session. If no initial commitment is made, the prospect will receive a timed series of emails that act as a reminder, and also offer up new and helpful information from KFG. The whole campaign is tied together by the brand’s unique visual style – gentle, colourful illustrations that summarise messages through metaphor, and add interest to written content.

As well as our creative input, this project demanded end-to-end project management and the logistics of an email sales funnel and Mailchimp integration. KFG is pleased with the performance of the campaign, and with it the opportunity to offer impartial advice and help more people live their best financial lives!

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