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First Class Seat Display

As part of a wider engagement campaign, m360 was tasked with designing a high impact and engaging seat display for clients East Midlands Railway. The purpose of this unit is to showcase the new Aurora First Class Seats to both internal & external stakeholders, allowing people to test the new seats first-hand. These have been designed not only to look amazing and maximise comfort but to be easier to clean & maintain with improved durability. The seat display allows visitors to experience the look and feel of the new offering, which will be featured on the Aurora Trains launching 2022.

Working with the EMR brand team, m360 designed, built and installed the seat mock up display, which emulates the inside of an EMR train carriage, including digital ‘window’ display that outlines all of the exciting Aurora news. The seat stand also doubles up as a meeting breakout area at the client’s Derby headquarters. As we have adopted a modular system the display is easy to assemble and disassemble, which allows for it to be easily transported.

Our methodical project management ensured the project was completed to the allocated budget and was ready & tested within a short three-week turnaround. The project deadline was linked to the Aurora press launch, but we made sure it was completed and delivered ahead of schedule for a smooth launch event.

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