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Celebrating a digital transformation for Cardzone

Partnering with m360, Cardzone has launched a dynamic and immersive online platform, crafted meticulously by our creative team. The revamped website not only reflects the essence of Cardzone but also serves as a digital gateway to an array of renowned brands under its umbrella.

The core focus of the project was the complete overhaul of Cardzone’s digital presence. The website now boasts a sleek and user-friendly design, providing visitors with an engaging and seamless experience. Navigating through the site has been optimised, ensuring accessibility for both long-time customers and newcomers alike.

Capturing the essence of Cardzone’s diverse portfolio of brands, the website features stunning photography and authentic brand storytelling. We worked in collaboration with Nottingham photographer; Guy Bettison to capture photos that evoke a sense of connection with customers, emphasising the unique stories behind each of the stores.

We worked closely with the Cardzone management team to refine the brand’s positioning and develop a comprehensive strategy for the website. This strategic approach ensures that Cardzone continues to stand out in a competitive market, attracting and retaining customers through a compelling and cohesive website.

Cardzone’s commitment to convenience is further emphasised with the addition of store location functionality. Visitors can easily locate and explore 155+ of Cardzone’s physical stores, enhancing the synergy between the online and offline shopping experiences.

Recognising the importance of building a talented and dedicated team, the website now incorporates recruitment functionality. This feature allows potential candidates to explore career opportunities with Cardzone, fostering growth and innovation within the organisation.

A key highlight of the new website is the dedicated space to showcase Cardzone’s impressive portfolio of consumer brands. From the timeless elegance of Hallmark to the indulgent pleasures of Thorntons, visitors can explore and discover the diverse gifting ranges offered by Cardzone’s subsidiaries, including Mooch, Card Centre, Yankee Candle, and Paper Kisses.

Cardzone’s online platform is now live, inviting customers to explore, engage, and experience the world of cards and gifts like never before.

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