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Brushzees with Whimzees

February is Pet Dental Health Month and Whimzees enlisted our design skill once again, for their annual campaign to raise awareness of dental disease in dogs. Research suggests that only a tiny 2% of owners brush their dog’s teeth, resulting in 80% of dogs experiencing dental disease. Whimzees natural, healthy and delicious dog chews aim to improve pet dental care in a way that’s easy for pet parents and fun for dogs. Regular consumption of Whimzees all-natural dental dog chews reduces plaque, tartar, and bad breath, while also lowering the risk of heart, kidney, and liver disease.

To help Whimzees highlight the dangers of dental neglect and promote the health benefits of their dog chews, m360 created a Pet Dental Health Month promotion for pet stores across the UK.

The dental health promotion featured a sales toolkit that was delivered to pet stores nationwide. The toolkit provided eye-catching point of sale (POS) items, including a shelf talker, shelf wobbler, and sales guide. The promotion ensured pet shops were ready and equipped to promote Whimzees products during Pet Dental Health Month.

Whimzees was delighted with the design and execution of the project and impressed with our quick turnaround in print production to ensure the promotional sales toolkits were distributed to stores in time for February. We successfully delivered 1,200 promotional toolkits in total, and we’re proud to have raised awareness of pet oral care for another year!

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