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Blooming good design for Duncan Ross Gardens

As a marketing agency with decades of experience in the industry, m360 has had the pleasure of working with Duncan Ross Gardens, a landscape gardening expert. Over these years we have worked closely across a variety of marketing and brand projects, therefore it was only natural for us to take on the challenge of redesigning their online presence when the need arose.

As technology and design trends continued to evolve, it became apparent that the Duncan Ross Gardens website needed a refresh to keep up with the changing times. To kickstart the project, we engaged in a collaborative process with the client to thoroughly understand their desires and goals. Our team brought to the table our insights and expertise, facilitating a constructive exchange of ideas that would pave the way for a successful website revamp.

With a focus on portraying Duncan Ross Gardens’ talent and expertise in landscape gardening, the website’s main objective was to generate new business through showcasing previous successes. The wire-framing stage allowed us to determine the optimal placement of these visuals and the overall layout of the pages. 

Armed with the approved wireframe, our creative team delved into designing the prototype of the website, using Adobe XD to bring the vision to life. We carefully selected a colour palette comprising light grey and sage green, strategically communicating both the service’s professionalism and a touch of luxury. By integrating content from the existing website into the prototype, the team and the client gained valuable insights into the new website’s appearance and functionality.

As we proceeded to the development phase, meticulous testing was conducted to ensure the website functioned flawlessly on both desktop and mobile devices. .

In the final stages, the m360 team added new case studies to Duncan Ross Gardens’ portfolio and took care of the copywriting to ensure a compelling and persuasive narrative throughout the website. This attention to detail contributed to an immersive and informative experience for visitors to the site.

Upon completion, a thorough handover session with the client was conducted, ensuring they were well-equipped to manage and maintain the website moving forward. Duncan Ross Gardens expressed their elation with the end result, acknowledging the value of our expertise and insights throughout the entire project.

We invite you to explore the transformation of the Duncan Ross Gardens website. Interested in a website refresh? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.

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