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An exciting journey

Vectare is a young and rapidly expanding company that specialises in smart transport solutions for schools and businesses. By embracing technology, Vectare offers cost-efficiency, reliability, safety and customer satisfaction at standards never before seen in the industry, and is being rewarded with huge success up and down the UK.

Having previously designed their identity and website themselves, Vectare appointed m360 in 2020 to give their brand a thorough makeover. The latest exciting milestone on our journey together is the launch of their new website.

The website acts as a digestible introduction to Vectare’s key offerings, and clarifies the distinction between their two main target markets. When a potential customer expresses an interest, Vectare then actions a bespoke, in-depth appraisal of their needs and potential solutions.

The technology harnessed by Vectare is highly sophisticated and customisable – there is a lot to explain and show off about! A careless approach could result in content-rich but visually dull communications. Our aim was to appeal to emotion by employing a deliberately light touch – portraying an approachable brand with cheerful illustrations and content that’s been carefully crafted for simplicity. It puts a smile on our face every time we visit, and our client is extremely happy too! We very much look forward to sharing in their future ventures.

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