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5 Reasons For Outsourcing Your Marketing

The fast-paced nature of marketing can often leave you feeling like you and your team are being spread too thinly. However, the recruitment process can be time-consuming and costly, so it’s not always as simple as hiring new employees. In this article, we discuss the ways your business can benefit from outsourcing marketing resources.

Some reasons you might outsource your marketing:

· You don’t have a dedicated marketing team and aren’t sure where to start
· You don’t have the in-house skills to fulfil your aims
· Your internal team needs more support and fresh perspectives
· You want to increase your output but can’t commit to hiring someone full time

The benefits of outsourcing your marketing:

1. See the bigger picture

When you’re working on a million different things at once and simply trying to get through your to-do list, it’s natural to focus on your priorities and this doesn’t leave much room to take a step back and consider your overall strategy and long term goals. With your business needs in mind, an agency can provide fresh eyes and help you form a strategy to define your goals and take the actions necessary to achieve them.

2. No training required

When you outsource to an agency, you can rest assured that the work is being carried out by professionals who can hit the ground running without having to learn new systems. Not only will this save time but money, too – an agency will have experience and knowledge of what gets results and what doesn’t, so there is less trial and error.

3. Only pay for the time spent on your account

Hiring a new full-time team member is a big commitment and comes with a lot of extra costs. As well as needing enough regular work to fill up each week, providing holiday and sick pay, the recruitment process alone takes up a considerable amount of time and resources.

When you outsource, you are only paying for the actual work that is done, so you can ensure greater efficiency and value for money. You may want to consider whether you only need work to be done on an ad-hoc basis or you would like to commit to an ongoing retainer.

– The ad-hoc approach may be suitable if you need occasional extra help during busy periods, want to try out something new or have a defined project in mind. It’s also a more adaptable option if your budget is changeable
– A retainer guarantees a set amount of scheduled support on a regular basis which is more cost-effective and reliable in the long term. It also means the team can get to know your business a little more deeply, allowing them to more easily become an extension of your existing team, whilst remaining in control of your budget.

4. A fresh pair of eyes

No one knows your business better than you, but it can help to gain the perspective of someone who is new to your brand and has ideas you haven’t necessarily thought of.

As a business owner, you know the best way to run your business but could benefit from an expert who can show you how to run your marketing and alleviate the burden on you.

If you’re a marketing manager, it can be helpful to hear ideas from the perspective of an outsider who has experience working on a wide variety of brands, can sense-check and breathe life into campaigns.

5. Time to focus on what you do best

Marketing requires a lot of time and effort. If it isn’t the job you’ve trained to do, it can stop you from getting on with your real objectives. Outsourcing relieves this pressure and gives you time back to get on with your main role.

Even if you’re a marketing manager, you can often be working on so many projects at once that you don’t feel you can execute them all to the highest standard. Relieving some of this pressure through the help of someone who understands your requirements will give you back the time you need to focus on your main priorities.

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